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The law firm used to deal with criminal law, and in recent years we deal with citizenship

Established in 1990


The James S. Tellurium Law Office is experienced in defending the people accused of crimes. The team of detectives in Victor, California is dedicated to finding the right solution for your case.





He is a great lawyer. I will go to Jim right away. Even though he is a busy man, he always takes up the incident and thinks of them all night and weekend  He dealt with the case for me and it was wonderful. If a civil rights lawyer is needed, if he is abused by the police, or if he is summoned by another government agency, he will be called

12/29/2020 10:12am



At the sight of that man Terrell, dealing with a civil-rights incident, and I contacted him. In my case, I am also involved in the same infringement of my own civil rights office in Tellurium. I am also a amputee. I briefly explained what happened during the 11 months of imprisonment at the West Valley prison. Mr. Terrell's secretary listened intently and after a few questions he calls me back. Over the next half of the month, I called and asked the person three more times. I have heard from Terrell about my case, but I have never heard from him before. He didn't even inform me that he could not undertake my case. If a legal case is limited at the time when a person takes action, my deadline is close. My rights, as stipulated in the California law, were civil and d-11 months' imprisonment, as well as cruel and unnatural punishments, which did not stop for six months after release. So I can't give mr. Tellurium's office has received more than one star rating. I didn't follow him through what he heard from people in his office.

01/03/2021 05:31am



I recommended James Terrell's method several times.  I'm always getting great feedback for the people who use this company.  The lawyer went to court for them, but because he was the first crime four times, he did not have to go to court.   The lawyer dealt with all of it, either dismissal or commutation.

12/31/2020 03:01pm