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It's hard to choose a lawyer or law firm to trust your problems. Legal questions are often very personal. Once you have made that choice, you should know that you have selected a company with a wide range of experience to support in a wide range of practice areas. High Desert and Landlocked Empire Lawyers Ripley & At the law firm, lawyers have worked hard to gain the trust of the high dessert population. We have been meeting our customers' needs for more than 20 years in San Bernardino, Victorville and the surrounding area. We know people. We know your interests and have built a reputation for delivering a great expression in the legal field that you need most.

Established in 2002


Don't violate your rights...Talk to the lawyer! Did you get injured in a car accident under the Personal Damage Services Act No. 1 Will, Trust & Civil Procedure Personal Injury Real Estate Act and Employment Act? Did you get hurt at work? Was your disability claim rejected? Help! What about us? Thousands of people have helped them get the right money! You have more debt, more unpaid bills, more uninterruptible calls, and more options to help you regain control. If you act quickly, you can get help before it's too late. Bankruptcy is a federal law that allows individuals, couples, and companies to abolish or rebuild their debts in the event of financial difficulties. It is difficult to decide on a divorce. especially when the child is involved. It creates deep stress and often precipitates changes in other lives. In California, divorce is called "the dissolution of marriage." and neither spouse is recalled

Ripley has practiced law since 1972.

Robert R.
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Don't look for a lawyer anymore. Ripley and associates are going!  I've been using it many years, so I'm really grateful to help you.

12/24/2020 09:40pm



!!!!! I'm torn up here! !!! Don't trust them! !!!!
They will discuss your money and give you as much money as possible. They are greedy, they do their best to give money, but in fact, they say they will give you dirty parcels and keep all the money. Don't go here

01/02/2021 10:25pm



This is the worst...After a year of your case, you never called, you never told me about your case, and the only way I spoke to the Attorney-General, Marcela, was because they didn't pay the bill, and they took a disadvantageous attitude to me.  They are very amateur in the poor town.  I should have been to Larry H Parker like Rodney King...  Apart from this dump...They are not worthy of stars

01/03/2021 08:44am