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Philip T. Esk Bondra graduated from the Law Department of Thomas Jefferson in 1991 and was approved to carry out the law in 1992. In 1998, he decided to practice human injury in Ferran, California. The practice spread to Victorville, California and San Bernardino, California. With the growth, he established a labor compensation department run by Robert Hannah. Vondra is a member of the consumer bar association in Los Angeles. In 1988, Hannah received Dr. Julis from West National University and was allowed to carry out the law in California. Hannah has moved to the High Desert, where she has paid compensation for her workers for 22 years. Hannah is certified as a labor compensation specialist by Bar, California. He is also a member of the California State Applicant Attorneys Association, which advocates increasing benefits for wounded workers across California.

Established in 1998


For Mr. Victor Ville of CA Personal Fugator Attorney (an experienced person), contact the Vondra and Hanna legal offices. We want to practice and help with various types of injury cases.

He graduated from Serrano High School in Ferran, California, Philip T. Esq Bondo.   He earned a degree at the University of California, Irvine, and graduated from Thomas Jefferson Law School in 1991.   He succeeded as a San Diego lawyer and gained valuable court experience in criminal cases. In 1998, he decided to support his family and return to the High Desert Area to open the training for personal injury.   He is good at giving honest advice.   Most of his cases are through word of mouth. Phil& as a personal injury lawyer;#39; The big success of comes from the passion and determination to help customers with their expertise in litigation and negotiations. Insurance companies and lawyers know and respect Phil as a merciless, superior negotiator and senior negotiator. Customers love Phil's passion and interest, and his good character and firm character.

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He is doing his best for his client. I am grateful to him and all that his OS gave me.

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I Vondra & amp; I got a call from the law firm at . Hannah and I sincerely appreciate that recommendation. Phil Vondra and his team worked patiently for me, and without the great knowledge and support they provided, I would be lost. They are all considerate and have a nice personality. I strongly recommend this law firm and thank all of them for proceeding with "extra miles"!

12/29/2020 04:27pm