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I had a DUI case. My lawyer was Eric Jones (I don't think anyone would say anything). I was quoted at a consistent price in the industry, and through the conclusion of the incident I was asked no more. Eric always gave a timely answer to my article. I had a very fair settlement, so I avoided any time for entering the prison. I want to leave them with my retainers, but I'm not going to repeat my kyogen.
Thank you very much.

12/29/2020 02:27am



This was the first crime that I needed a lawyer. I thought I got a great representative at that price. My lawyer, Eric Jones, took great interest in the district attorney, and I was completely satisfied with the result. Even now, I still give five stars, but I think the only drawback is the lack of communication between him and me. But I say that I'm not his only case, but can respond to many case requests and follow the information of individual clients. If anything happens in the future, I will always return to the walking and judicial law firm to seek the authority of representation.

12/25/2020 04:02pm



I went to talk with you here two weeks ago.  In particular, I sent Mickey Mouse, a lawyer specializing in criminal law whose case was family law. I didn't know this lawyer at all. I felt that I knew more than he knew. terrible waste of time and money I'm asking you for $100! I should have gone to Disneyland instead. Another lawyer specializing in criminal law told me: Since I was not given a copy of a temporary restraining order, I was legally not given a temporary restraining order... That's a terrible lie. It is not necessary to give a copy of the prohibition order. If spoken, we will obey the prohibition order. Collect your stuff...In other words, you should know this. I won't employ these lawyers at the risk of my life. They gave me false legal advice and demanded it. Draw a picture.

12/29/2020 05:51am